Tips for Safe Electricity Use

Tips for Safe Electricity Use

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When using electricity, you must operate correctly to avoid emergencies. Next, let me tell you how to use electricity safely!

When you are not at home, it is not safe to turn on the power supply for a long time. Be sure to turn off the main power supply, which can also save electricity.

When using the power cord to charge the electricity, unplug the power cord in time when the power supply is stopped to prevent leakage.

When using high-power electrical appliances, it cannot be operated for a long time to prevent the wire from heating up for a long time and causing a short circuit due to insufficient power supply.

When plugging and unplugging the power cord, do not touch the plug with wet hands to avoid electric shock.

In daily life, ensure that the electrical appliance can dissipate heat normally, check the power cord connected to the electrical appliance on a daily basis, and replace it in time if it is damaged.

If you need to move the location of the electrical appliance, please unplug the power cord of the running electrical appliance before moving it.

Finally, if someone gets an electric shock, please make sure that you are in a safe area, and then find a way to use a dry object such as a wooden stick to turn off the main power supply or unplug the power plug, so that the electric shock person can leave the dangerous area as soon as possible, and let the electric shock person arrive as soon as possible. Lie on your back in a ventilated and dry place, check the situation of the electric shock person and give professional first aid.

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