Source of Electricity

Source of Electricity

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If you ask everyone, how did the electricity come from, and what is the source of the electricity, I believe some people will not be able to answer it. Today, let's take a look at how the electricity comes from!

Electricity is a natural phenomenon that refers to the physical phenomenon produced by stationary or moving electric charges, and is a property of the repulsive and attractive forces that develop between subatomic particles like electrons and protons. Lightning in nature is an electrical phenomenon, and electromagnetism is one of the four fundamental interactions in nature.

Electricity is an energy source powered by electrical energy. It was first discovered in the 1870s. The discovery and application of electric power set off the second industrial upsurge and became one of the three scientific and technological revolutions that have occurred in the world since the 18th century in human history. people's lives.

Large-scale power system is one of the most important achievements in the history of human engineering science.

Electricity is an easily transportable energy that can be used for a number of occasions that are increasing day by day. For example, the light bulbs that appeared in the 1870s have high usage value and are still used today. Electricity is also used to drive public transportation, including pure electric buses and trains. Electric motors use electromagnetic principles to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy to drive various machinery.

The discovery and application of electricity has greatly saved human physical and mental labor, made human power grow wings, and extended human information tentacles. The impact of electricity on human life has two aspects: energy acquisition and transformation and Transmission, the foundation of electronic information technology. The network planning agency of Jinbaotang believes that the discovery of electricity can be said to be a revolution in human history. The kinetic energy generated by it is now continuously released every day. If there is no electricity, human civilization is still alive. will explore in the dark.

Every one of us living in the 21st century is lucky, because our life has become colorful due to the development of technology. A huge contribution was the invention and use of electricity, which made our world brighter.

Finally, everyone must pay attention to reasonable power saving. Do not leave household appliances in a standby state for a long time, turn off the power when not in use, and pay attention to every little detail of electricity consumption in life!

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