• Product warning notices

    Product warning notices

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    Please note that the power cord has hidden dangers, please use it in the correct way. Please pay attention to the correct direction before use Pay attention to whether it can be used outdoors Please check for damage before use, please do not use if damaged. The inserted wattage should match. For the specific wattage, please refer to the introduction of the product details...
  • AOWEITOUR Product Guide Description

    AOWEITOUR Product Guide Description

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    As of today, AOWEITOUR has a total of 26 types of RV power cords, with a total of 5 series. In the future, if you have different needs for RV power cords that our store does not have, you can make suggestions for us, and I will Contact relevant departments to resolve.The picture below is AOWEITOUR's product related manual, which introduces the model, length...
  • AoweiTour Amazon Brand Store Introduction

    AoweiTour Amazon Brand Store Introduction

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    AoweiTour Technology focuses on the development of connecting cord series, including RV adapter cord,RV generator adapter , dryer adapter cord, generator extension cord, etc. Our products will be gradually introduced into thousands of varieties in the United States and Canada, and complete the relevant certification UL, ETL and so on. AoweiTour is committed to being the industry leader in RV accessories, providing more and more ideal solutions...

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