microwave out of service due to lack of power in rv

Will Your RV Microwave Stop Working? Here's What Happened?

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Having an RV when you travel is really great, because you can rest in the RV and cook on the go when you're hungry. Of course, the microwave oven in the RV is definitely the most important, but it must have sufficient power to operate successfully.

If you suddenly stop working when you are using it, you can refer to our discussion on common problems encountered when using microwave ovens to solve them.

Why is there no power supply when the RV microwave oven is in use?

1.The power should not be too low: In general, the power required by a microwave oven is larger than that of other electrical appliances. If this happens, please unplug the microwave oven and use a multimeter to check the power output. In this case, you can use a high-power generator for power supply, and prepare a RV generator adapter. Of course, there will be many models, and you have to choose the matching.

2.Check external power: go outside to check shore power or generator

3.Test socket: You can plug in other electrical appliances to see if they can still supply power, so that you can understand where the problem is.

4.There is a problem with the microwave oven itself: If your microwave oven has electricity, but it does not operate successfully, in this case, your microwave oven itself is faulty. The most practical way to do that is to buy a new microwave oven, since maintenance costs are not affordable.Microwave use in RV

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