What to do with your RV as winter approaches

What to do with your RV as winter approaches

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When you are in the future for a while, will not use the RV. You need to give your trailer a good cleaning and keep it clean and tidy, which will make it easier for you to use next year. It also extends the life of the trailer.
The place to pay attention to is mainly divided into appearance and interior and a lot of RV peripheral products.
Starting from the appearance, when the end of each road, your RV will be contaminated with dust, which requires you to carry out external cleaning treatment, often ignored there will be a lot of places, such as tires, sometimes he will be contaminated with some dirt, stones, which requires timely treatment, to avoid damage to the tire. To clean the exterior, you need to dust it off, wipe it down, and after you've done that, you can buy an RV cover and wrap it up if necessary.
It is best to have an inspection of the parts inside the RV. The joints and so on need to be carefully checked. It is best to wipe down the RV, if there is dirt after a long time to settle can become difficult to deal with. Your electrical equipment should be kept dry and disconnected, and your bedding should be replaced and cleaned promptly. And your water tank, which needs to be treated in a timely manner, all water in the tank and pipes should be drained and treated clean, otherwise the strong smell will permeate your RV.
There are your RV peripheral products, to summarize, the next time you use it can be very convenient to find. Your RV adapter, your table and chair bench, your hose and other tools. They can be reused many times. The good habit of organizing will definitely save you a lot of money.

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