Ready for that First Camping Trip?

Ready for that First Camping Trip?

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In a city with a strong bonfire atmosphere, it may be time to consider taking our RV and going out into nature. Stop by the woods, beside the stream, park our RV, unload the seats, unload the food, and have a great time camping.

Before you go, do a big check on our RV to avoid trouble on the road.

We made the list, now we'd better check it out a few more times.

1.Check Chassis: Do a good inspection of your gear by checking all fluid levels, engine batteries and even lights, brakes and wheel lugs. Don't forget tire pressure.

2.Check your refrigerator: whether it can be closed tightly, running it on gas, to prevent our food from being damaged on the road.

3.Check your fire extinguisher: is it working?

4.Electricity matters: do you need to carry your generator in case you need power. The RV adapter cord is also very important, otherwise the conversion of household electricity will not be possible.

5.This is the little thing you forget: did you remember to bring it? Your sunglasses; camera and film; tire gauge; spare parts for your generator; first aid kit; extra toilet chemicals and the paper and maps you need.

6.This is very important: Make sure your RV insurance is up to date. Avoid carrying too much cash. Confirm all your reservations, stop your mail and newspaper deliveries, and notify your neighbors of your return date.

7.How does the car run: whether it runs smoothly and without obstacles, how fast is it, and whether there is enough oil.

8.Ingredients and water; these are necessities, but you can't forget them, or you'll be hungry.

9.Finally, before you go: Disconnect and stow away electrical wires, sewer hoses, and water pipes. Check to make sure the TV antenna is pointing down. Turn off the propane. Raise the leveling jack. Secure the awning, retract the steps, lock the exterior doors, adjust the mirrors, buckle up and go camping!


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