Spring rain keeps RV from connecting to power

What should I do if the RV cannot be connected to the power supply due to rain in spring?

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Spring is the beginning of a new year. The arrival of spring is accompanied by the rainy season. Most American families choose to go out for RV camping in the spring, but when it rains, when the RV is connected to the charging pile to provide energy, the power cord is often due to The problem of short circuit and improper connection caused by the rain will cause headaches.

The AOWEITOUR RV adapter has a locking function, which compresses the charging port to prevent the infiltration of raindrops. It fits perfectly and can bring safe energy to the RV. Let us know the characteristics of the AOWEITOUR RV adapter!

The straps of the 15M30F feature a locking mechanism, so there is no need to worry about the extension cord breaking in heavy rain and extreme weather. The locking design ensures that the extension cord is connected tightly and will not fall off in bad weather.

The male head design is simple and easy to operate, and the connector is safe and easy to plug and unplug. The female head has a locking function, and the twist lock is rotated and inserted, which is safe and reliable. The adapter is flexible and can be used with 180° twist to match your requirements.

The RV adapter is a yellow-green color symbolizing sunlight, which is easy to identify and select. It is suitable for families, RV camps and parking lots. It can be connected to a 30-amp power supply. It is 12 inches in length and can accept a maximum power of 3750 watts.

The adapter has built-in 100% copper wire for higher conductivity for fast transfer to the RV. It adopts high-quality PVC sheath, which is dust-proof, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and can be used for a long time.

Please follow the safety method when using it, unplug the adapter when not in use, remember to unplug it with both hands to protect yourself and others.

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