AOWEITOUR 30 Amp to 50 Amp RV dogbone power Adapter Cord

AOWEITOUR 30 Amp to 50 Amp RV dogbone power Adapter Cord

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Camping becomes more fun when you can safely use the campground power for your RV lighting and heating needs. Being able to connect to a regular outlet at home or at the campground is what convenience is all about. You don’t have to switch on the generator.

The Aoweitour 30-50 amp power adapter cord is every RV’ers dream living their best life outdoors. The adapter with a TT-30P for 30 Amp male plug and NEMA SS2-50R for 50 Amp female connector is ideal for converting the power at your favorite campground to suit your 50 AMP RV. The Aoweitour adapter boasts various characteristics to make every RV owner proud.

 The power adapter cord is well-made, with 100% copper 10/3 gauge wires. These are protected from the outdoor elements by a UV-resistant and flame-retardant polyethylene plastic sleeve.

 In addition, the 12-inch length adapter has a 50 Amp receptacle that grips the plug prongs so well that you almost reach for a tool to separate them. Good thing you have an ergonomic grip handle on the end of the female connector for effortless plugging and unplugging.  

 Having a secure grip means that you’ll not have any loose and overheating clamps on your hands if you decide to use the dogbone adapter cord on your 15-amp unit. With 10 AWG conductors linking the plug and receptacle, you don’t suffer overload or low voltage based on the size of the conductor.

 For additional protection, the 50 Amp female locking connector comes with a waterproof threaded ring to keep the water out, and provide a stronger connection. You just insert the connector and twist the ring to lock. Users love this design because of the secure connection it provides. The adapter cord is flexible to bend 360 degrees for easier and convenient use.

 Get your AOWEITOUR 30 Amp to 50 Amp RV dogbone power Adapter Cord today.

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