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In a blink of an eye, half of 2022 is about to pass, and it has already arrived in May. The average daily weather in the United States is 11°C-24°C, and the average daytime temperature is 24°C.

Take a walk outdoors in your spare time in spring and pay attention to the beautiful moments in life. As long as you are good at discovering and diligent in exploring, you will find many scenery along the way, and life is full of sunshine all the time.

The cool weather is very suitable for going out camping with family and friends in an RV, finding a grass, beach or jungle with a good view, sitting down with everyone to eat fried chicken, desserts, coffee, and chatting about what happened in each other's life fun facts

When you drive your RV out, you must think that many devices in the RV need power supply, and the power supply equipment carried in the car does not always have electricity. We need to find a charging pile to store electricity for the RV, in order to better RV experience

And when you are out, the outdoor charging pile socket may not meet the conversion cable you bring with you, so of course we have to prepare a suitable RV cable before departure.

When you have a 30 amp extension cord long enough, you need to prepare a 15 amp to 30 amp or 50 amp to 30 amp RV cord to convert the power supply to power the RV, so that you will not worry about the RV extension cord due to Disappointed that it does not match the charging pile socket

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