Knowledge of RV Outdoor Electricity

Knowledge of RV Outdoor Electricity

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When charging at an outdoor campsite, a 30-amp power outlet is generally provided. Use a 30-amp RV plug with 3 prongs, 30 amps, and 125 volts to provide energy for the RV and be able to run an air conditioner and some appliances at the same time. Also, if only 50 amp charging sockets are available at the RV site, you will need to have a 50 amp RV plug that is a 4 prong, 50 amp, 125/250 volt male plug. With our AOWEITOUR™ brand RV adapter, you can plug a NEMA 14-50P into an outlet on a campground power base, plug an RV plug into a NEMA TT-30R female connector, and power your RV. Rarely, the camp will only provide a 15 amp household outlet, which is very rare, and will provide so little power that you will not be able to use many large appliances, but you can purchase our RV power conversion cables for 15 amp plugs convert to 30 amps or 50 amps with a variety of models to choose from!

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