Are you thinking of going camping in your Recreational Vehicle? This item is an absolute necessity

Are you thinking of going camping in your Recreational Vehicle? This item is an absolute necessity

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Going camping in an RV vehicle is fun.

It’s like going on an adventure in nature while carrying a mini version of your home around.

 As such, you get to enjoy all the benefits of camping in nature while enjoying the comfort of your house.

To power your RV, you need to connect to a power source available in the RV park where you camp. You can also use an external generator to power your RV or an inbuilt electricity generator.

 100% copper wire,

RV Power Outlet showing 30 amps outlet and 50 amp outlet from L-R.

However, the majority of RVs need to connect to an external power source. It is important to know that these power sources have outlets of different amp ratings. Typical amp ratings include 15 amps, 20 amps, 30amps, and 50amps. The rating on your rig must match that of the power outlet.

So, if your RV rig is rated 30 amps, it must connect to a power outlet of 30 amps.

However, you may not always find a power outlet that fits just right for your RV rig. Thus, you need an RV adapter to connect to the power outlet and power your RV.

Aoweitour 50 amp to 15 amp RV locking adapter

15 amp to 50 amp with locking

This RV adapter has been hailed by industry experts as one of the best adapters to use for your RV. The NEMA 5-15P Male connects to a 15 amp power outlet and carries power through the SS2-50R twist lock female to the RV rig.

This RV adapter is designed to guarantee optimum safety: It is produced using heavy-duty molded plugs and connectors; the shell is made of flame retardant, UV resistant material; and the cable is water-resistant.

 heavy-duty molded plugs

The 50 amp female locking connector comes with a threaded ring that makes it waterproof and provides a stronger connection.

adapter with locking

The aoweitour 50 amp to 15 amp RV locking adapter is famous for being flexible and durable. It can bend 360 degrees without breaking or losing its structural integrity. Molded from 100% copper wire, and heavy-duty flame-retardant polyethylene plastic sleeve, it is sure to withstand wear and tear from frequent use.

 100% copper wire

You can also get it in the 15M/30F and 30M/50F options, depending on the amp rating of the power source available in the RV park you frequent.

Overall, it is a great product that you will find handy as you go RV camping, and since it is super durable, you won’t have to worry about getting a new one anytime you go camping.

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