Can RV adapter work without electricity?

Can RV adapter work without electricity?

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First, you should know a little about the RV's electrical system. Go to our existing blog - One RV, Two Electrical Systems.RV batteries serve as various power storage containers to supplement the small voltage devices in life, but in most cases, campers still rely on access to shore power to charge their RV batteries.

When your RV Adapter cord is plugged into your RV, the 120 volts AC current goes in, this current can be used to power things like air conditioners and microwave ovens, it then sends DC current to your RV battery, keeping it charged and ready to go .

So your RV battery is a storage container for DC power. When there is no battery, as soon as you plug in shore power, the RV adapter cord will turn it on.

Where is the difference?An RV converter is a conversion line that carries current. This will power anything on your 12-volt system, and since your RV is plugged into the RV camp's power supply, you'll also have full access to 120-volt AC appliances.

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