• Generator power transfer line

    Generator power transfer line

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    Your household appliances can be powered without any problems using a suitable generator power transfer line. Generator power transfer lines are also very much suited to be used in recreational vehicles. However, because they are not fully understood, people do not fully utilize them much. Some individuals even misuse it, which could harm their appliances.   What are the purposes of a power transfer...
  • Use of 15 Amp or 20 Amp Multi-Power Adapter

    Use of 15 Amp or 20 Amp Multi-Power Adapter

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    When there is a power outage at home or when camping outdoors, you need to use low-power electrical appliances, but when there is no low-power power supply around, you can use a portable generator, connect a low-power adapter, and let me introduce the function of the product! L14-30P/4X 5-20R: 4-prong 30A male plug to 4-prong 15A or 20A, the female plug is fan-shaped, with...
  • Generator 30Amp extension cord use

    Generator 30Amp extension cord use

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    The arrival of winter, many campers can choose on trailer, go camping base for leisure activities, often many rv, electrical power supply used in the case of outdoor be required, you will be inside the car is equipped with a portable generator power for a rainy day, close to the use of electricity that the exhaust gas produced by the opportunity to affect human...
  • Recommended Parks for Camping in America

    Recommended Parks for Camping in America

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    Autumn is coming and the breeze is blowing. This is a great time for families, friends and couples to spend a nice day camping in the park Whitewater River National Forest Park is located in Colorado, the park has 8 wildlife reserves, 12 chemical resorts, as well as cross mountain trails and mountain biking roads, recreational facilities, is very suitable for camping vacation, is...
  • We will all experience a RV camping

    We will all experience a RV camping

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    Everything You Need to Know About RV Camping Life:The RV lifestyle is becoming popular around the world. It is a new way of traveling and living that has become more affordable for the general public.Despite being popular, there are still many misunderstandings about RV camping. This article gives you a better view of RV camping life.Why RV camping?RV camping is a great way to...
  • Winter Camping Essentials

    Winter Camping Essentials

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    As the weather changes, the nights in the United States gradually become colder, and the sky changes with the temperature, which is much darker than in summer. Many RV enthusiasts will be troubled by the darkness inside the car when they go camping outdoors! AoweiTour 12V light bar can easily solve your troubles. It can be installed on a flat wall in the car...
  • Introduction of Welding Machine Adapter

    Introduction of Welding Machine Adapter

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    When you work outdoors and need to run your 220V welder, there is no outlet available. If there is a generator nearby, you can choose to use a welding machine adapter to convert the power supply. If the plug model of the welding machine adapter is 6-50P, and the model of the generator socket is L14-30R, you can choose AoweiTourL14-30P/6 -50R Welder Adapter to...
  • How to effectively keep your RV clean

    How to effectively keep your RV clean

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    A clean and tidy RV will definitely bring us a more pleasant camping experience. When we arrive at the campsite or go to nature, there will be dust, and it is inevitable. We need to find efficient ways to keep the car hygienic and avoid spending too much time on cleaning. For example, pay attention to some daily habits and master some tips to...

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