Recommended Parks for Camping in America

Recommended Parks for Camping in America

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Autumn is coming and the breeze is blowing. This is a great time for families, friends and couples to spend a nice day camping in the park

  1. Whitewater River National Forest Park is located in Colorado, the park has 8 wildlife reserves, 12 chemical resorts, as well as cross mountain trails and mountain biking roads, recreational facilities, is very suitable for camping vacation, is a good place to pass the time
  2. Located in West Virginia, Canaan Mountain is a mysterious and quiet area that is popular with outdoor lovers. It has a variety of rock shapes, so you can enjoy hiking and camp when you are tired
  3. Long Key National Park is located in Florida and offers quiet coastal hiking, camping, picnics, and outdoor canoeing (canoeing and kayaking are available).
  4. Grand Canyon National Park is located in Arizona, I believe many people have heard of this park, many people should not camp on the steep cliff, very beautiful view, is a campers base camp, of course, camping on the cliff must pay attention to safety

Finally, if you have any camping tips, please share them in the comments! Thank you very much!

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