Suitable for portable charging station conversion line

Suitable for portable charging station conversion line

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Now many charging devices have been upgraded, with power voltage display, you can intuitively clear observation data. There are multiple connection jacks to meet your needs. If your device is unable to connect to a generator, you can choose from these new converter cables that simply connect to each other to power your device.

The 5-20P/TT-30R converter cable is a 20-amp to 30-amp converter cable that can be connected to the generator socket for plug conversion to power more of your equipment.

The TT-30P/5-15R converter cable is a 30 amp to 15 amp converter cable. The 30 amp plug is connected to the portable generator and the 15 amp plug can be directly connected to the small appliances in your home to power the small appliances.

When we are worried about the mismatch of the plug, we must think of the conversion line, which can greatly improve our efficiency and solve a lot of unnecessary trouble.

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