RV Fire Safety

RV Fire Safety

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Safety is the number one priority when it comes to RV travel.We often see it in TV news reports and hear from friends’ stories. In fact, it is very close to us. In order to prevent such incidents from happening, what we need to do more is to be prepared and pay attention at all times, because many times It happened in some inadvertent little things.

Every RVers should read the following safety fire tips:

1.Have multiple fire extinguishers in the RV, both you and your companions need to know where they are. And familiarize yourself with how to use it.

2.Before departure on each trip, check that your firefighting equipment is not expired.

3.Many RV fires are caused by transmission oil leaks caused by the scheduling system, check your RV for signs of leakage under it. Please handle it as soon as possible to avoid burning due to high temperature.

4.The safety of the electrical system is also a crucial point, because fires caused by short circuits often occur. If you have doubts about your RV, please ask professional RV personnel to check it out in time.

5.When cooking, don't ignore what you're doing, some flammable items will spread immediately when they come into contact with an open flame.

Safety is the premise of our RV trips, otherwise it would be terribly bad. I wish you a pleasant journey, here is AOWEITOUR.

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