How to Sleep Comfortably in an RV

How to Sleep Comfortably in an RV

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When the weather is cold, you can buy a sleeping bag to keep warm while you sleep. Keep you warm in sub-zero weather nights without having to shiver through long nights. Therefore, when traveling in an RV, it is necessary to prepare a sleeping bag for yourself.

When the weather is hot, you must open the window when you sleep to ensure air circulation, but it is very annoying that when you open the window, small insects will fly in, resulting in poor sleep at night. You'll need to hang a thin piece of clothing over the window to keep the mosquitoes out while allowing the air to circulate. In this case, the weather is your top priority. Hot weather is actually worse than cold, because you wake up feeling sticky and nauseous and full of mosquito bites. You can try to open the window a gap of about 2-3 cm, looking for a middle point where air can circulate but mosquitoes can't get in.

On the night of RV camping, in order to make yourself sleep peacefully and comfortably, you need to prepare several bottles of water, snacks and food, a pillow and a flashlight to use the toilet before starting camping.

A clean and tidy car interior environment can make you sleep at ease, and the sleeping space is enough to make people feel unexpectedly comfortable, but if the car is messy and full of odors, it will greatly increase the difficulty of falling asleep.

The most important thing is to point the front of the car in the most concealed direction, so that people can peep in from no angle, and they can't see you through the glass. It is best to prepare canvas for the RV to block the view from the car window, so that you can sleep in peace, just in the corner. Still a good choice.

Don't forget to lock the door! Do not leave any valuables in a conspicuous place in the car, they may attract the attention of criminals. It is best to hide valuables out of sight. If you are in a place where it is not convenient to take a shower, using a wipe can also bring a clean and refreshing feeling. Look in the travel supplies section of your favorite store for just a few bucks in envelope-sized resealable packs of wipes. Carry a map with you so you can find a place to rest in time wherever you are. Also don't forget to plan ahead to save fuel and time. Bring a black towel and a spray bottle for summer. After waking up, wet the towel with a spray bottle and spread it out on the dashboard. After driving for about an hour, the towel gets hot. The same applies in winter, as long as the towel is placed on the cooling system, it will soon become hot. Do not lean your neck against the seat belt, as this can cause inflammation and leave red streaks.

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