Tips for staying cool in your RV

Tips for staying cool in your RV

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With the heat of summer fast approaching, staying cool in your camper can be a challenge, are you ready for it?

Here are a few tips for staying cool, the right way, to keep you comfortable throughout your vacation.

1.When parking your camper, choose a suitable shade that will keep you out of direct sunlight during the hottest part of the afternoon. Such as the edge of the building, under the trees.

2.Park your RV in a well-ventilated area so that you can open the doors and windows of the RV for ventilation and remove the sultry air from the RV.

3.Use a portable small electric fan, if you are outdoors, please consider using a rechargeable electric fan, a 12V model electric fan, you can use the battery of the RV house for power supply.

4.Don't cook in the RV. Cooking will generate a certain amount of heat, and the space in the RV is very small, so the smell of the food cannot be dissipated. Remember to bring outdoor cooking tools.

5.Replace the incandescent lamps indoors, and consider replacing them with LED lamps that emit less heat

6.Try waterside camping, it's cooler than the outback

7.Go to a higher altitude, where the temperature is lower and the environment is beautiful and quiet

8.Install RV curtains, you can choose the ones that can block ultraviolet rays and shield the heat directly outdoors.

Where you stay is your home, this is RV life, comfortable and free!

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