Recommended summer camping items

Recommended summer camping items

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In summer, you must choose a good time for camping. When the weather is hot, the sky is also spectacular, with white clouds, rainbows and sunsets. Of course, you must do it according to your own interests!

If you choose to camp at night to watch the stars, you can choose a leisure park. You must choose a day when the weather is good, and you can see the bright stars at night. Of course, if you feel that it is hot outside, you can drive a family car, turn on the air conditioner in the car, and turn on the car. Lie in the car against the sunroof and watch the stars out. When the sunroof is opened and closed, the air conditioner in the car will definitely go out. At this time, an in-car fan is needed to circulate the internal air, circulate and accelerate the cold air of the air conditioner, and increase the experience. , the fan also has a clip, which can be clipped at any suitable position in the car, which is very convenient.

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