Make the RV looser and more comfortable

Make the RV looser and more comfortable

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When you go out for RV camping, you need to consider how much the RV needs to be filled. When you plan how to use the remaining space in the RV except the necessary space, you need to start storing the items you need to carry. But remember, it just needs to be filled, it doesn't mean you should fill it directly

Can carry soft case: can be easily exchanged and stored in different spaces. Zipper Bags: Very handy for food and small items that would otherwise be easy to misplace. Air Tight Containers: For food, small items or as a first aid kit. Water bottle: Handy for excursions and random stops. Soft plastic bins or coolers that can hold food (not bulky plastic bins): Satisfy your drinks and food while you get off your hike.

In addition to the essentials, there are also non-essential items, heavy books: choose paperbacks instead of hardcovers, or carry e-books. Laptop: Opt for a smaller device, such as a tablet that saves space (although labor is most honorable, I don't encourage you to work during the holidays)! Prepackaged drink bottles: don't carry them from the start, they are very heavy and take up space. Bring a bottle or two of your favorite drink along the way. Empty and refill reusable water bottles

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