How to Power an RV

How to Power an RV

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When summer comes quietly, many families with RVs will choose to travel. At night, on hot nights, they need to turn on the air conditioner, usually keeping the engine running all night. In order to avoid carbon dioxide poisoning, the car should be parked in a Ventilated location, as the engine idling produces a lot of carbon dioxide.

Before I got to know the RV, I have always been curious about how the RV is powered when camping. Compared with the ordinary car, the power supply of the RV seems to be more interesting to explore.

The power supply time on the RV is basically determined according to the situation of the model. If an external 220V power supply is used, it can be used indefinitely (basically parked in the RV campsite and parking lot at night). If the power is supplied after the engine is started, the use time is about In 6 to 10 hours, but this method is very fuel-intensive. If the battery is used, it can be used for about 4 hours (exhaust the use of high-power appliances such as air conditioners and induction cookers). The power consumption of RVs is generally divided into three types, one is the battery, the other is the power supply generated after the engine is started, and the other is the power supply. It is a direct external 220V power supply.

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