Precautions for installing RV LED lights

Precautions for installing RV LED lights

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As an RV traveler who is going to travel, LED lights are an item that I think is indispensable. First of course make sure your RV has enough power. The power supply of the RV is generally powered by the RV using the RV conversion line to connect to the shore power, which is usually not directly charged. It is the power supply that uses the 12V system inside the RV. This is the best choice for RV users. It is very convenient and can be used when camping anywhere.

Here are the precautionary instructions for installing RV LED lights:

1.Be sure to install in a dry place.

2.In the 12V system on the car, red is positive and black is negative. You just need to identify the positive and negative poles and make a simple connection.

3.Determine where to connect the RV 12V power system.

4.It can be installed on the frame rail when necessary.

5.Do not install in a heated place to avoid accidents.



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