Knowledge of summer camping to prevent heat stroke and cold

Knowledge of summer camping to prevent heat stroke and cold

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Recently, with the advent of July, the external temperature is also rising. Summer is really coming. The daytime climate in the United States is around 31°. People generally choose to go out for camping, parks or beaches. While playing, they experience sun exposure. Today Let's talk about the knowledge of preventing heatstroke and cold in summer

In addition to paying attention to your physical condition, environment, diet, and keeping heatstroke prevention medicines, drinking more heatstroke prevention and cooling drinks is also one of the best ways to prevent heatstroke.

  1. Eat less and eat more meals: The more you eat in one meal, the more metabolic heat your body will generate in order to digest these foods. Pay special attention to eating less high-protein foods, as they will generate more metabolic heat;
  2. Eating spicy food: Doctors believe that although it is unimaginable to eat these things on a hot day, spicy food can stimulate the heat reception in the mouth, improve blood circulation, and cause a lot of sweating, which can help reduce body temperature;
  3. Warm water shower: It is best to take a shower or bath with warm water slightly lower than body temperature, especially before going to bed;
  4. Drink more water: Doctors recommend drinking less alcohol and drinking more water, because alcohol may cause the body to be dehydrated, and mineral water or low-sugar soda are better choices;
  5. Avoid strenuous exercise: strenuous activity will activate body energy and increase internal temperature;
  6. Use ice packs: Reusable ice packs are a good tool to reduce skin temperature, and the pre-filled liquid inside has a cooling effect;
  7. Choose a good pillow: use a feather or down pillow, the pillowcase is preferably cotton, and the synthetic fiber pillowcase will accumulate heat;
  8. Drink chrysanthemum tea: chrysanthemum tea can cool down and refresh the brain;
  9. Rinse the wrist with cold water: Rinse the wrist with tap water for 5 seconds every few hours, because the wrist is where the arteries flow, which can reduce the blood temperature.

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