Safe BBQ Tips

Safe BBQ Tips

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Propane is a gas that can be grilled instantly, has a controlled flame, heats up quickly, so it's also more prone to accidents, take extra care when lighting your propane grill as July grilling season rolls around, remember the following safety warning:

1.Barbecue in an open and ventilated place outdoors, away from items that are prone to fire.

2.Make sure your grill can be placed stably and won't tip over to avoid accidents

3.Check whether your connecting hoses are in good condition. Some hoses will crack due to long-term placement, become hard and leak.

4.Supervise the children, keep them at least 3 feet away from the barbecue, preferably someone who can supervise them

5.Don't leave a lit grill unattended, it must be scary

6.Prepare fire extinguishers near the barbecue area, and there will be countermeasures in the event of an accident.

7.When finished grilling, turn off the burner and fuel supply to the burning grill and clean it to prevent grease buildup

8.Place used propane tanks in a ventilated shade

Hope we all enjoy BBQ in a safe environment.

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