Tips for using the outdoor barbecue gas stove

Tips for using the outdoor barbecue gas stove

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When the weather is fine, many families will choose to go out for barbecue camping on weekends. The necessary tool for barbecue must be a gas stove. Compared with the previous charcoal barbecue, the use of a gas stove can control the fire, and there is no need to worry about the fire caused by excessive fire. blackened food

How to use the BBQ:

  1. Put the ball charcoal in the center of the apple stove charcoal rack
  2. 2.2. Put the vegetables and meat in the center of the iron grate
  3. Cover the stove, adjust the heat with the damper, and cook the food by smoking

Be sure to remember to control the grilling time and heat of common foods. The quality of grilled food is affected by many factors such as the length of grilling time, the control of the heat, the choice of barbecue equipment, and even the environment at that time. If you want to grill delicious ingredients, every step must be well implemented, which will affect the taste of ingredients, especially the control of grilling time and heat is the key.


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