Main Introduction to RV adapter cord

Main Introduction to RV adapter cord

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When the RV season comes, should we be ready for our journey? In addition to the food we need for camping, sufficient electricity is essential, which requires our RV power conversion line. The first and most important part of the RV power supply is that you need to understand the services provided by your RV and have a connection to keep the power running anytime, anywhere. There are many models of RV conversion lines. Do you have a lot of doubts when buying RV? Is your RV 20, 30 or 50 Amp? What is the power rating of the RV Adapter? What amperes of electricity can be obtained?

The parking power base in RV Park usually has one of two common power connections, NEMA tt-30r and / or NEMA 14-50r socket, for 30 AMP and 50 Amp service options. When traveling, you are not always sure what power connections are provided for you. If you want to keep power on, prepare a suitable adapter for any situation.

The two have different plug designs. A 30 Amp RV plug has 3-prongs, a 120 Volt hot wire, a neutral, and a ground wire.The 50 Amp is a 4-prong plug with two 120 Volt hot wires, a neutral, and a ground wire. The 50 Amp service can provide up to 12,000 watts of power while a 30 Amp service will not supply more than 3,600 watts. Even when using an RV power adapter your 30 Amp recreation vehicle will not receive more power.  50 Amp RV systems offer a larger load requirement than the 30 Amp system.  

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