Introduction of Welding Machine Adapter

Introduction of Welding Machine Adapter

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When you work outdoors and need to run your 220V welder, there is no outlet available.

If there is a generator nearby, you can choose to use a welding machine adapter to convert the power supply. If the plug model of the welding machine adapter is 6-50P, and the model of the generator socket is L14-30R, you can choose AoweiTourL14-30P/6 -50R Welder Adapter to convert power to work for your welder

 If you don't have a generator nearby, you are in a home garage, and there is only a dryer plug socket for a cardboard box on the wall, then you can use the AoweiTour10-30P/6-50R dryer adapter to plug the 10.30P male plug into the wall On the socket, connect the adapter female to the welding machine plug for power supply

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