How to fix water leaks in RV

How to fix water leaks in RV

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When you are camping outdoors and a heavy rainstorm suddenly hits, how should we deal with it? It's best if you have a roof that protects you from the rain, but you'll want to fix the rain on your RV as soon as possible. Outdoors, the most annoying thing is the heavy rain, it will come from all over the place and cause damage to the items in your RV, floors, walls, appliances, windows, interior furniture and more in a faster way. Once these are damaged, repairs will be a huge expense.

First of all, you need to observe whether there is rainwater infiltration at the junction of the wall and the floor, find the place where the rainwater comes in, solve the root cause, and repair it in time. When the rain comes, you should close the windows as soon as possible to block the entry of rain, check whether your seals are effective, and replace them in time if you find problems with the seals. The same goes for ventilation windows and skylights, they are the places that need the most attention. The best technical solution to the water on the RV is to wipe it with a clean and dry towel. This is the most economical way to protect, simple and effective. Of course, you'd better check your RV on a sunny day after you find out and replace the parts that need to be replaced, so your future trips won't have to be unpleasant because the RV leaks.


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