Cooling in summer - RV fan

Cooling in summer - RV fan

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The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the most important thing is how to cool down when traveling in the RV. The interior of the RV will gradually heat up under the sun, and it will become like a steam oven. An RV fan might be a good option.

The 12V RV fan can be plugged into your RV very well, only a cigarette lighter and other sockets are needed. And he has a clip, you can clip it anywhere according to your needs, by the way, its cable length is 3 FT, I think it is enough. It is very simple and the operation is very simple. RV fans can effectively accelerate the air circulation in the car and bring coolness. The wind of the RV fan is softer and more comfortable than the wind of the air conditioner, and the sound is not very loud, and it will not bring you a bad feeling. And RV fans can save energy, reduce power consumption, and let your electricity be used where it matters more.

The space in the RV is very small, and it seems to be hotter than the home, but in fact, the air will be more refreshing when camping in the wild, the breath of nature is wonderful, and there is less pollution in the city and less noise in the city. Park your RV in the shade, by the creek, move out of the seat and start your camping life. Note: There is a large temperature difference between day and night in wild camping, so pay attention to keeping warm.



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