Using Flexible Adapter

Using Flexible Adapter

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The AOWEITOUR adapter can be flexibly twisted 180° when used, which can easily solve all difficult insertion angles, and is convenient to use and carry.

The adapter allows simple use within the range of action. So far, we have a total of 26 RV power cords, five different series and different sizes. 8 types of RV conversion cords are 1ft, 4 types of generator conversion cords are 1ft, 4 types of dryer adapters are 1ft and 1.5ft, 3 types of RV extension cords are 15, 25, 50ft, power generation The 7 types of extension cords are 10, 15, 20, 25, 40, 50, and 100 feet respectively.

The adapters are available in many different sizes with rubber boots, some of which are weatherproof and protect the internal cables of the power cord. Molded from 100% copper wire, the heavy duty flame retardant, UV resistant polyethylene plastic sleeve protects the cable from outdoor elements, water and tearing or abrasion. In daily use, it may cause the long power cord to be dragged on the ground due to the convenience of taking it, and wear the outside of the power cord. Please avoid dragging when using it.

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