Propane Hoses

Propane Hoses

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Propane is currently being consumed in homes and business places worldwide. But for propane to reach the burner, it needs some special appliances like the propane hose where its energy can be put into consumption.

Therefore, Propane hoses are appliances that connect propane tanks to gas applications like fire pits, outdoor heaters, lanterns, camping stoves, mosquito magnets, and gas grills. The propane hose connects that propane tank and the propane appliance.

There are distinct types and models of propane hoses, with various types of fittings working together with different appliances and regulators.

Do you know that before a propane hose is in use, it must be first approved? The International Organization approves our propane hoses for Standardization.

propane hose

5 FT propane adapter 1 lb to 20 lb,QCC-1 Fitting x 1"-20 Male Throwaway Cylinder Thread.

The beauty of our propane hose appliance is that it can be made from different materials. The materials can be plastics or rubber; sometimes, they can be coated in a steel mesh to enhance durability.

Our propane hoses for burners contain three layers. The layers initiate safety.Since the inner layer of the propane hose is gas-resistant rubber, the outer portion is reinforced with a braid to withstand high pressures and help protect against ozone, sunlight and external damage.Our propane hoses are also resilient to frost and can be used in low temperatures (-30 or -22℉).


Types of Propane Hose Fittings

We have several categories of propane hose fittings. If none of them rings a bell for you, don’t panic. We will explain in detail.

  • Flare Fittings
  • NPT Fittings
  • Quick-Disconnect Fittings
  • POL Fittings
  • Inverted Flare Fittings
  • 1"-20 Disposable fitting
  • Type 1 (ACME) Fittings


Three main criteria are needed When Identifying the best propane Hose fitting.

Propane hose fittings are of varying sizes and have different combinations. Therefore, the following criteria must be considered when identifying the best propane hose fitting that is needed.

The location of the fitting

For example, you must ask yourself if it is connected to a tank or a regulator. Is it connected to a portable accessory or supply propane hose? Don't worry; we have all that covered for you since our propane hose setups are generally used with different fitting types for different roles.

Is the Fitting Female or Male?

Our propane hoses are easily identified by just looking at the fitting used. Besides, our propane setups use different models for different roles.

Size of the Fitting

Some fitting is Universal. I.e. the size of POL fitting. However, some fitting has different diameters. Some of these fittings are more common than others. Therefore, identifying the exact thread of fitting will help you come across a pretty propane fitting you need. We can also help you to identify the king of propane hose fitting you need.


Precautions when using a hose propane

Don’t try to force a high-pressure propane hose onto a low-pressure nozzle.

It is hazardous since it may crack and leak into an explosion. You should always match the nozzle size and the propane hose based on the correct standard.


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