Introduction to the cognition and use of the dryer adapter cord

Introduction to the cognition and use of the dryer adapter cord

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In foreign countries, people are accustomed to using dryers. Whether it is rainy or sunny, everyone is accustomed to using dryers to clean clothes. It is a standard household appliance in the family. Using a clothes dryer can make clothes do not need to be dried, and prevent freshly washed clothes from being exposed to the air and re-infected by dust and haze, causing physical diseases.

If you encounter yourself with an old dryer with a three-conductor cord and need to replace the power cord with a four-conductor to match your new four-slot outlet, thinking about what solution to use?

Maybe you have the talent to do your own DIY electrician skills, consider wiring a new outlet for yourself, but you must have a good technical understanding of the electrical system, otherwise it is very unsafe and this method is not recommended. But you can also hire an electrician, or buy a suitable adapter to solve the problem.

Old 3-prong dryer outlet power outlet In most old houses, it uses two live wires and one neutral wire, a 4-prong plug of 14-30P is suitable for connecting the old 3-prong dryer plug to the new The house's 4-prong dryer 14-30P outlet to get power, it also has two live wires, a neutral wire and a more secure ground pin that will provide 30 amps of power.

The AOWEITOUR dryer adapter is very simple to connect to the power supply without complicated operations. It can easily convert the three-hole clothes dryer line into a four-slot outlet line, which perfectly matches your new home socket!

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