Introduction to the use and cognition of the dryer adapter

Introduction to the use and cognition of the dryer adapter

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The dryer is a must-have household item for every family, and it is an item that is frequently used in daily life. In the United States, when you move into a new home and encounter a mismatch between the interface and the power cord, the first thought may be to hire an electrician. ? Buying a new dryer? , no, not at all, choose the AOWEITOUR Dryer Adapter to instantly connect your dryer to power.

The power conversion adapter for AOWEITOUR dryer can be bent to fit your dryer location, it does not require complicated installation, first plug the dryer's 4-prong plug into the female; then plug the 4-prong plug and the green ground wire into the socket ready to use.

Before using the AOWEITOUR dryer adapter, you must connect an additional green ground wire, connect the round terminal of the green ground wire to the ground hole of a 15AMP or 20AMP, 125V household wall socket/outlet/power strip/extension cord, etc., because 10 -30R sockets do not have a ground wire.

10-AWG STW Heavy Duty Wire 100% copper wire. Supports up to 30 AMP overload, 250 volts, 7500 watts It adopts electroplated copper terminals to be molded, heat-resistant insulation, anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet rays to effectively avoid damage to the cable. It will not damage your power system due to heat, and it is safe and reliable.

AOWEITOUR dryer adapters are available in 1FT and 1.5FT options, so that everyone will not be troubled by the length of the power cord

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