Easier Laundry Tips When Traveling in an RV

Easier Laundry Tips When Traveling in an RV

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Have you learned the more relaxed and labor-saving laundry skills during RV travel?

The perfect RV trip is to avoid household chores, or to minimize them. This requires some tricks to save you time and effort.

Put your clothes in the bucket and go to the next destination.

Prepare items:

  1. A bucket large enough and able to seal
  2. Some laundry detergent or soap (choose the taste you like and the right amount)
  3. Elastic rope (easy to fix)
  4. Enough water
  5. Your clothing

Put the clothes in the bucket, it should be no more than 2/3 full, add your favorite

laundry detergent and enough warm or ice water, remember to be higher than the

clothes, cover with a sealing cap to ensure that it will not tip over while driving.

Then start driving, and every bump in the road will agitate your laundry enough until it's completely clean, like a great washing machine. After reaching the destination,it can be washed and dried.



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