AoweiTour Amazon Brand Store Introduction

AoweiTour Amazon Brand Store Introduction

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AoweiTour Technology focuses on the development of connecting cord series, including RV adapter cord,RV generator adapter , dryer adapter cord, generator extension cord, etc. Our products will be gradually introduced into thousands of varieties in the United States and Canada, and complete the relevant certification UL, ETL and so on. AoweiTour is committed to being the industry leader in RV accessories, providing more and more ideal solutions for your RV.

AoweiTour has the strength to create high-quality power cords to provide customers with a safe and reliable power environment. The adapter is yellow-green symbolizing sunlight, which is bright and easy to identify. The handle carried by the male head of some products is easy for users to easily insert and pull out the plug, which is safe and convenient. AoweiTour considers every detail for customers! Choose the AoweiTour brand to provide you with the most sincere service. We cherish the hard-won friendly cooperative relationship we have established with you. If you have any shortcomings, please make suggestions. We promise to do our best to do better!

In a rapidly changing world, we have decided to further enter the global market to achieve greater business goals.Wherever we are,we're here to strive for providing the excellent service in appreciation of your support. AoweiTour's philosophy is to provide customers with high-quality services and create value for enterprises. Adhering to the awareness of strengthening service, treating customers with integrity, and doing things professionally.

AoweiTour Amazon Flagship Store,Including the full range: RV Adapter Cord,Generator Adapter Cord,Generator Extension Cord,Dryer Adapter Cord。

Various models for your viewing options!

AoweiTour is committed to becoming a leader in the RV accessories industry, providing more and more ideal solutions for your RV.

If you are interested in our products, please visit the AoweiTour Amazon brand flagship store for more detailed product descriptions

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