Product warning notices

Product warning notices

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Please note that the power cord has hidden dangers, please use it in the correct way.

  1. Please pay attention to the correct direction before use
  2. Pay attention to whether it can be used outdoors
  3. Please check for damage before use, please do not use if damaged.
  4. The inserted wattage should match. For the specific wattage, please refer to the introduction of the product details page.
  5. Do not exceed the specified wattage power, damage will not be responsible.
  6. Do not pass through doorways, ceilings, walls and holes in the ground.
  7. Make sure the appliance is turned off before connecting the power cord
  8. Please insert completely when inserting, do not press too hard when connecting to avoid leakage
  9. Do not remove, bend or modify any metal prongs or needle thread.
  10. Do not connect a three-prong plug to a two-prong power cord
  11. Keep away from water
  12. Do not use when wet
  13. Keep kids and pets away from power cords
  14. Avoid overheating, when using the power cord, do not cover the product with any material
  15. Do not drag or place the power cord when using
  16. Don't step on the power cord
  17. After charging, please grasp the plug with both hands to remove it from the socket
  18. It is recommended that the power cord be stored indoors
  19. Please unplug when not in use
  20. Do not use the power cord to unplug

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