RV extension cord material characteristics introduction

RV extension cord material characteristics introduction

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Have you ever picked up the connected power extension cord when charging your RV, and can't help but sigh that it's really heavy? Wondering why this is?

High quality RV extension cord consisting of 100% copper wire with a durable and weather resistant 10/3 gauge STW jacket for indoor and outdoor use.

The internal copper wire material has the functions of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, short circuit resistance and high temperature resistance. It is convenient and safe to use, and there is no need to worry about short circuit. Under normal use, it is very durable.

The wires are designed to withstand snow, rain, high winds, and more, and the protected wires are durable enough to keep working even in extreme weather, ready for people to charge in unexpected weather!

When using the RV extension cable to charge the RV, be sure to unplug the cable to prevent the cable from overheating due to long-term high-power operation.

Finally, let's introduce the AOWEITOUR 14-50P/SS2-50R RV extension cord, which adopts locking device and waterproof effect, so there is no need to worry about the extension cord disconnecting in heavy rain and extreme weather. The SS2-50R female adapter has locking fittings that can be held in place during use and won't come off in bad weather.


Tips:1. Please follow the instructions before use.2. Please store the generator extension cord out of the reach of children.3. Please unplug the extension cord when not in use and unplug it with both hands.4. When the extension cord is short-circuited or dangerous, please turn off the power immediately

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